Kerala Kings team is the most glamorous and charming team of the event due to the contributions by the different tycoon celebrities and Cricket stars. The Kerala Kings team members for T10CL 2017 are announced.

A friendly with fans team is a dominant side of T10 Cricket League and on the other side, the team is full of glamour and attractive celebs and professional players. Kerala Kings team entering into this glamorous event. This team started the event in December 2017 and will battle with other teams to get the trophy and becomes the first champions of T10 Cricket League. Eoin Morgan is the captain of the team who is purely a top cricket star and besides known as skipper of England cricket team. It would be the first edition of Kerala kings and improved performance.

T10 League
2017, 2018
Sharjah Cricket Stadium, UAE

Kerala Kings

Kerala Kings

Player Ranking

Player Ranking

wifKENNAR LEWISNorthern WarriorsTop-order batsman
uaeMUHAMMAD USMANBengal TigersLeft Hand Batsman
nepSANDEEP LAMICHHANEKerala KnightsBatsman, Legbreak
usaALI KHANBengal TigersBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
uaeCHIRAG SURIBengal TigersBatsman, Right-arm offbreak
wifFABIAN ALLENKerala KnightsBatsman, Slow left-arm orthodox
indS BADRINATHMaratha ArabiansBatsman, Right-arm offbreak
indZAHEER KHANBengal TigersAll Rounder, Left-arm Medium
engADAM LYTHMaratha ArabiansLeft Hand Batsman, Right-arm offbreak
rsaMorne MorkelBengal TigersLeft Hand Batsman, Right-arm fast
wifCHRIS GAYLEKerala KnightsLeft Hand Batsman, Right-arm offbreak
engJason RoyBengal TigersBatsman, Middle-order batsman
ausJAMES FAULKNERMaratha ArabiansAll Rounder, Left-arm fast
wifSunil NarineBengal TigersAll Rounder
rsaWAYNE PARNELLKerala KnightsLeft-arm Medium-Fast, Left Hand Batsman
pakHASSAN KHANPunjabi LegendsBowler, Slow left-arm orthodox
engRiki WesselsBengal TigersWicket Keeper
wifKEVON COOPERBengal TigersAll Rounder
engTOM CURRANKerala KnightsAll Rounder, Batsman, Right-arm fast
afgSHAPOOR ZADRANPakhtoonLeft-arm fast, Left Hand Batsman
pakIMRAN KHANKerala KnightsBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
engSam BillingsBengal TigersBatsman, Wicket Keeper
pakIMRAN NAZIRKerala KnightsBatsman, Right-arm offbreak
ausCHRIS GREENNorthern WarriorsBowler, Right-arm offbreak
wifNICHOLAS POORANNorthern WarriorsLeft Hand Batsman, Wicket Keeper
sriSHEHAN MADUSHANKATSLCBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
engTOM MOORESPunjabi LegendsLeft Hand Batsman, Wicket Keeper
afgHAZARATULLAH ZAZAIMaratha ArabiansLeft Hand Batsman, Slow left-arm orthodox
wifKHARY PIERRENorthern WarriorsAll Rounder, Left Hand Batsman, Slow left-arm orthodox
nzlMITCHELL MCCLENAGHANPunjabi LegendsLeft-arm fast, Left Hand Batsman
wifSherfane RutherfordBengal TigersLeft Hand Batsman, Right-arm fast
sriUPUL THARANGAKerala KnightsLeft Hand Batsman, Occasional Wicket Keeper
engJOHNY BAIRSTOWKerala KnightsAll Rounder, Right-arm Medium-Fast
rsaCOLIN INGRAMPakhtoonLeft Hand Batsman, Legbreak
engDAVID WILLEYPakhtoonLeft-arm Medium-Fast, Left Hand Batsman
afgSHAFIQULLAH SHAFIQPakhtoonBatsman, Wicket Keeper
zimBRENDAN TAYLORMaratha ArabiansBatsman, Right-arm offbreak
afgGULBADIN NAIBPakhtoonBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
wifEVIN LEWISPunjabi LegendsLeft Hand Batsman
engLuke WrightBengal TigersBatsman, Right-Arm Medium
indRP SINGHPakhtoonBatsman, Left-arm fast
engBENNY HOWELLKerala KnightsBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
pakUSAMA MIRPunjabi LegendsBatsman, Legbreak
afgSAMIULLAH SHINWARISindhisAll Rounder, Legbreak
wifJOFRA ARCHERSindhisBowler, Right-arm Medium-Fast
sriTHISARA PARERASindhisAll Rounder, Left Hand Batsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
nzlANTON DEVCICHSindhisLeft Hand Batsman, Opening Batsman
ausBEN CUTTINGSindhisAll Rounder
engDAWID MALANSindhisLeft Hand Batsman, Legbreak, Top-order batsman
ausFAWAD AHMEDSindhisBowler, Legbreak
sriISURU UDANASindhisAll Rounder, Batsman, Left-arm Medium-Fast
wifDENESH RAMDINSindhisBatsman, Wicket Keeper
pakUMAID ASIFSindhisRight-arm Medium-Fast, Top-order batsman
indMUNAF PATELRajputsBowler
uaeAHMAD RAZASindhisBowler, Slow left-arm orthodox
indPRAVIN TAMBESindhisBowler, Legbreak
wifANDRE RUSSELLNorthern WarriorsAll Rounder
wifROVMAN POWELLNorthern WarriorsBatsman, Right-Arm Medium
engHarry GurneyNorthern WarriorsBowler, Left-arm Medium-Fast
uaeRAHUL BHATIANorthern WarriorsLeft Hand Batsman, Slow left-arm orthodox
indAMITOZE SINGHNorthern WarriorsBatsman, Right-Arm Medium
SANDEEP SINGHPunjabi LegendsBatsman, Right-arm offbreak
ausSHANE WATSONSindhisAll Rounder
uaeASHFAQ AHAMADRajputsTop-order batsman
uaeABDUL SHAKOORKerala KnightsBatsman, Wicket Keeper
afgMOHAMMAD SHAHZADRajputsBatsman, Wicket Keeper
indREETINDER SINGH SODHIKerala KnightsAll Rounder, Batsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
afgRASHID KHANMaratha ArabiansAll Rounder, Legbreak
engJAMES VINCEMaratha ArabiansAll Rounder, Right-Arm Medium
engTYMAL MILLSRajputsBatsman, Bowler, Left-arm fast
indPRAVEEN KUMARPunjabi LegendsBowler
nzlBRENDON MCCULLUMRajputsBatsman, Wicket Keeper
engLAURIE EVANSRajputsBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
wifOSHANE THOMASRajputsBowler, Left Hand Batsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
engRICHARD GLEESONMaratha ArabiansBatsman, Right-arm fast
engPETER TREGORajputsBatsman, Right-Arm Medium
afgSHARAFUDDIN ASHRAFPakhtoonBatsman, Slow left-arm orthodox
engJADE DERNBACHPunjabi LegendsBatsman, Right-arm fast
uaeSHAIR WALIPakhtoonBatsman, Left-arm Medium
afgSAYED AHMAD SHIRZADRajputsBowler, Left Hand Batsman
engSAMIT PATELRajputsAll Rounder
afgQAIS AHAMADRajputsBowler, Legbreak
ausBEN DUNKRajputsBatsman, Wicket Keeper
afgKARIM JANATRajputsAll Rounder
pakFAHEEM ASHRAFPunjabi LegendsLeft Hand Batsman, Right-Arm Medium
pakHASSAN ALIPunjabi LegendsBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
engPHILIP SALTPunjabi LegendsBatsman, Right-arm offbreak
pakSARFRAZ AHMED (ICON)Bengal TigersBatsman, Wicket Keeper
pakSOHAIL TANVIRKerala KnightsBowler, Left-arm Medium-Fast, Left Hand Batsman
wifLENDL SIMMONSNorthern WarriorsBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
nedROELOF VAN DER MERWEMaratha ArabiansAll Rounder, Batsman, Slow left-arm orthodox
afgMOHAMMED NABIBengal TigersBatsman, Right-arm offbreak
pakIMRAN KHANPakhtoonBatsman, Left-arm Medium-Fast
uaeSAQLAIN HAIDERSPakhtoonLeft Hand Batsman, Wicket Keeper
wifADS FLETCHERPakhtoonBatsman, Wicket Keeper
uaeMOHAMMED NAVEEDKerala KnightsBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
pakANWAR ALIPunjabi LegendsBatsman, Bowler, Right-arm Medium-Fast
nedRYAN TEN DOESCHATEKerala KnightsAll Rounder, Batsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
pakGHULAM SHABBERSindhisLeft Hand Batsman, Wicket Keeper
uaeIMRAN HAIDERNorthern WarriorsBatsman, Left-arm offbreak
engLIAM PLUNKETTPunjabi LegendsBatsman, Bowler, Right-arm fast
pakWAHAB RIAZNorthern WarriorsBatsman, Bowler, Left-arm fast
wifCHADWICK WALTONPakhtoonBatsman, Wicket Keeper
wifKIERON POLLARDKerala KnightsAll Rounder, Batsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
banSHAKIB AL HASANKerala KnightsAll Rounder, Left Hand Batsman, Slow left-arm orthodox
engEOIN MORGAN (ICON)Kerala KnightsLeft Hand Batsman, Right-Arm Medium
wifRAYAD EMRITBengal TigersAll Rounder, Batsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
pakSHOAIB MALIK (ICON)Punjabi LegendsBatsman, Right-arm offbreak
sriALANKARA ASANKA SILVATSLCBatsman, Right-arm offbreak
wifDWAYNE BRAVOMaratha ArabiansBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
uaeHAFIZ KALEEMPakhtoonBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
afgZAHIR KHANPunjabi LegendsBatsman, Bowler, Bowler
pakMISBAH UL HAQPunjabi LegendsBatsman, Legbreak
indVIRENDER SEHWAG (Icon)Maratha ArabiansBatsman, Right-arm offbreak
uaeSHAIMAN ANWARPunjabi LegendsTop-order batsman
wifKRISHMAR SANTOKIEMaratha ArabiansLeft-arm Medium-Fast, Left Hand Batsman
pakKAMRAN AKMALMaratha ArabiansBatsman, Wicket Keeper
pakMOHAMMAD SAMIPunjabi LegendsBatsman, Right-arm fast
pakSHAHID AFRIDI (ICON)PakhtoonBatsman, Legbreak
pakABDUL RAZZAQPunjabi LegendsBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
uaeAMJED JAVEDPakhtoonBatsman, Right-Arm Medium
wifDWAYNE SMITHNorthern WarriorsBatsman, Right-Arm Medium
pakMOHAMMAD IRFANPakhtoonBatsman, Left-arm fast
pakSOHAIL KHANPakhtoonBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
pakUMAR GULPakhtoonBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
wifDARREN SAMMYNorthern WarriorsAll Rounder
uaeSHAREEF ASADULLAHPunjabi LegendsBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
nzlLUKE RONCHIPunjabi LegendsBatsman, Wicket Keeper
sriSACHITHRA SENANAYAKETSLCBatsman, Right-arm offbreak
engRAVI BOPARANorthern WarriorsBatsman, Right-Arm Medium
engTOM KOHLER CADMOREBengal TigersBatsman, Right-arm offbreak
sriLAHIRU MADUSHANKATSLCBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
afgNAJIBULLAH ZADRANMaratha ArabiansLeft Hand Batsman, Right-arm offbreak
pakMOHAMMAD AMIRBengal TigersLeft-arm fast, Left Hand Batsman
rsaMARCHANT DELANGEBengal TigersAll Rounder
pakUMAR AKMALPunjabi LegendsBatsman, Wicket Keeper
irlPAUL STIRLINGKerala KnightsAll Rounder, Batsman, Right-arm offbreak
hkgBABAR HAYATKerala KnightsBatsman, Right-Arm Medium
sriANGELO PERERATSLCBatsman, Slow left-arm orthodox
sriSHEHAN JAYASURIYATSLCLeft Hand Batsman, Right-arm offbreak
sriKITHURUWAN VITHANAGETSLCLeft Hand Batsman, Legbreak
pakFAKHAR ZAMANPakhtoonLeft Hand Batsman, Slow left-arm orthodox
sriKASUN MADUSHANKATSLCBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
sriVISHWA FERNANDOTSLCBatsman, Left-arm Medium-Fast
sriBHANUKA RAJAPAKSATSLCBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
sriRAMITH RAMBUKWELLATSLCLeft Hand Batsman, Right-arm offbreak
sriDINESH CHANDIMAL (ICON)TSLCBatsman, Wicket Keeper
pakAAMER YAMINBengal TigersBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
pakMOHAMMAD NAWAZSindhisAll Rounder, Left Hand Batsman, Slow left-arm orthodox
afgMUJEEB UR RAHMANBengal TigersBowler, Right-arm offbreak
pakAHMED SHEHZADPakhtoonBatsman, Legbreak
engLIAM DAWSONPakhtoonBatsman, Slow left-arm orthodox
engALEX HALESMaratha ArabiansBatsman, Right-Arm Medium
uaeRAMEEZ SHAHZADBengal TigersBatsman, Bowler, Right-arm offbreak
engROSS WHITELEYMaratha ArabiansLeft Hand Batsman, Right-Arm Medium
uaeZAHOOR KHANMaratha ArabiansBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
pakIMAD WASIMMaratha ArabiansLeft Hand Batsman, Slow left-arm orthodox
rsaRILEE ROSSOUWRajputsLeft Hand Batsman, Right-arm offbreak
rsaHARDUS VILJOENNorthern WarriorsBatsman, Right-arm fast
afgASGHAR STANIKZAIMaratha ArabiansBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
banTAMIM IQBALPakhtoonLeft Hand Batsman
pakKHURSHEED AFRIDIPakhtoonBatsman, Legbreak
triDARREN BRAVOBengal TigersBatsman, Occasional Wicket Keeper
pakMOHAMMAD AMIRMaratha ArabiansLeft-arm fast, Left Hand Batsman
rsaDAVID MILLERBengal TigersBatsman, Right-arm offbreak
engCHRIS JORDANPunjabi LegendsBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
engADIL RASHIDPunjabi LegendsBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
afgDAWLAT ZADRANPunjabi LegendsBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
wifCARLOS BRATHWAITERajputsBatsman, Right-arm Medium-Fast
uaeROHAN MUSTAFARajputsLeft Hand Batsman, Right-arm offbreak
sriDILSHAN MUNAWEERATSLCBatsman, Right-arm offbreak
wifJOHNSON CHARLESBengal TigersBatsman, Wicket Keeper
rsaCAMERON DELPORTPakhtoonAll Rounder, Bowler, Left Hand Batsman
uaeAMIR HAYATMaratha ArabiansBowler, Right-Arm Medium


(30th November 2018)
T10 League
Sharjah Cricket Stadium, UAE

(29th November 2018)
T10 League
Sharjah Cricket Stadium, UAE

(26th November 2018)
T10 League
Sharjah Cricket Stadium, UAE

(25th November 2018)
T10 League
Sharjah Cricket Stadium, UAE

(22ND NOVEMBER 2018)
T10 League
Sharjah Cricket Stadium, UAE

T10 League
Sharjah Cricket Stadium, UAE

T10 League
Sharjah Cricket Stadium, UAE

T10 League
Sharjah Cricket Stadium, UAE

T10 League
Sharjah Cricket Stadium, UAE

T10 League
Sharjah Cricket Stadium, UAE

T10 League
Sharjah Cricket Stadium, UAE