T10 Cricket League Ties Up With The Abu Dhabi Government For Its Upcoming Third Edition

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“The Abu Dhabi government associates with the much lured T10 Cricket League for its third edition.”
T10 league is all set to unveil its third edition this year, packed with multitude of entertainment, cheering crowds and the unbelievable statistics. The T10 Cricket League is going to partner this year by the Abu Dhabi government for the upcoming edition 2019. T10 Cricket League is all set to launch its ultimate levels of fun for 2019 in October, although the exact fixtures haven’t been announced.

T10 Cricket League is one of the new formats in cricket, and has stirred a lot of headlines owing to its amazing format and its less time consuming form. The league is also sanctioned by the International Cricket Council (ICC) last year. With this the third installment of the T10 Cricket League is going to hit the screens of the cricket fanatics all around the world.

The league is all about the 90-minute formatT10 Cricket League was the first domestic league in the world that introduced the amazing 10-over and 90-minute format into the cricketing arenas. T10 format made it possible for the cricket fraternities to understand the true potential of the game. Before the T10 format, the talks of taking the game for the Olympics were left unheard. But the T10 format steeped and geared up the consideration of making cricket flourish in the Olympic Games as well. The game is all about the 90-minute format which follows the likes of various games like baseball, football; keeping in pace with the idea of making cricket bigger and better than them. The aim of the T10 league was not just to explore the talented young players in the UAE but also make cricket achieve viewership better than football.

The T10 League will focus on exploring the talented base of the players

UAE is packed with a number of talented and aspiring young cricketers who want to make it up for the game. The T10 League provided them with an opportunity to play amongst the aegis of the legendary players like Virender Sehwag, Zaheer Khan, Shane Watson, Eoin Morgan, and many such international players, hence learn a few tricks of playing the game. The league even made people realize that UAE also has a rich pool of players, all of which are waiting for that one chance of making it big in the cricketing world. Although the league was to be played at a domestic level, it achieved international attention owing to its amazing format.

Source | CRICPLEX  Mar 18, 2019
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