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Morgan to lead Delhi Bulls in Abu Dhabi T10

Abu Dhabi T10

Source | KhaleejTimes Sep 27, 2019

The explosive England batsman said he was delighted to join the Delhi Bulls team

Eoin Morgan, the most successful English captain having won the recent ICC Cricket World Cup, has joined Delhi Bulls for the upcoming season of the Abu Dhabi T10.

Delhi, coached by Stephen Fleming, were quick to pounce on Morgan once he was available, a press release said.

The Dublin-born Morgan will lead the Delhi Bulls team.

Anis Sajan, popularly known as Mr Cricket in the UAE, said: “I have watched the England team play a new and fresh brand of cricket ever since their failures in the 2015 World Cup. At the helm of that change was Morgan, and to see that approach win them the World Cup this year is only testament to the leadership qualities he showed. I am thrilled that Morgan will lead the Bulls out this season.”

Meanwhile, the explosive England batsman said he was delighted to join the Delhi Bulls team.

“I am delighted to join the Delhi Bulls for the Abu Dhabi T10. I have had the pleasure in spending some time with Mr Anis Sajan. The passion he shows for the game is unparalleled. I look forward to working with Anis, Fleming and the rest of the team in November,” he said.

“T10 is fast paced and has a strong entertainment factor for the viewers. The high scoring contests make it exciting and I am sure we will see a lot of that this year”, said Morgan who has a T10 batting strike rate of 186.

Delhi Bulls, previously known as Bengal Tigers, have rebranded their team ahead of the third season of the league.

Owners Rizwan Sajan and Neelesh Bhatnagar spoke about the change in an official statement.

“We took this decision after careful consideration, but believe this change was necessary due to our business interests in Delhi. With this team named after the capital of our country, we will reach out to the vast population residing in North India.”

The Abu Dhabi T10 is scheduled to be held from November 14 to November 24 at the Zayed Cricket Stadium.