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Aldar Properties Abu Dhabi T10 attracts huge turnout

Source | khaleejtimes Nov 19, 2019

Thousands of fans thronged to the Zayed Cricket Stadium on Monday to cheer their favourite teams in the adrenalin-pumping action-packed matches.

Flags, banners and musical instruments, such as flute and drums added to the festive mood spiced up the environment at the Zayed Cricket Stadium, according to a press release.

A large section of the crowd wore team jersey and waved team flags to encourage their teams. They came out in scores despite having a long and tiring working day. However, their passion for cricket inspired them to come and watch the matches – that takes place between 3:30pm and 10:00 pm. They cheered with every boundaries or every wicket that fell – depending on which side they supported, as the first round of the 10-day Aldar Properties Abu Dhabi T10 drew to a close and the battle lines for the next round has been fixed.

“This is a great achievement for not only the Aldar Properties Abu Dhabi T10, but also for cricket in the UAE. The active participation of the crowd amid loud cheers reflect the level of their passion,” Shaji Ul Mulk, Chairman of Aldar Properties Abu Dhabi T10, said. “Yesterday’s (Monday) crowd was higher than even the weekends and this is a great achievement for all of us.”