T 10 League

T10 League

T10 League is the evolution of cricket game, from 50 over games to 10 over games. It is the first-ever ICC approved 10 overs format league in the world. Local and international cricket players will be the main attraction of this league, and game lovers can experience non-stop entertainment integrated within the game. As one of the most popular games in the world, we believe the cricket supporters are ready to accelerate to this quick and enjoyable 90-minute format. After the well-accepted first season which was held on December 2017 at Sharjah International Cricket Stadium, T10 League Season 2 is well set to fly high with newly added 8 teams.

10 Overs

Cricket has evolved and fans embraced the change from 5-day test matches to 50 over games, then again from 50 over to 20 over games. T10 Cricket League will be the new trendsetter having only the 10 overs for one side.

90 Minute

Likewise the popular sports in the world – Football & Basketball, TCL only have the matches lasting around 90 minutes. We believe that cricket with its billions of followers is ready to move to this quick and funfilled version.

Big Time Fun

T10 Cricket League is a must attend event for local and international tourists. It’s the perfect blend of cricket and fun, which follows the game rules and spirit of cricket. By this way, t10 cricket will make a history in sportainment.





Dot Ball

Human statues would be taking around the stadium and would take statue position as soons as there is a dot ball. They will remain as a statue until runs are scored.

1, 2 & 3 Runs

Jokers/brand mascots will run fake runs and perform

4, 6 & Wicket

Every 4, 6 and wicket will be a celebration on a stage with music-dance performence. Branded cheerleaders will perform on the ground.